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I build more than just websites; I build web presences — an online basecamp for your brand. If you're looking for a professional, highly-involved web designer for your business or organization, then reach out to me today. I take great pride in the websites which I custom design and develop and know you'll be beyond satisfied.

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Custom Web Design

Custom and handcrafted; beautiful and original websites thoughtfully designed with your business objectives in mind.

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Promotion & Branding

Share your brand with the world. Turn your website into a stunning web presence with the proper promotional plan.

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Website Rejuvenation

Redesign or tidy up your current website to optimize for and take advantage of your customer's changing needs.

Web Design Done Right

Choosing the right web designer is crucial. Your online presence is on the line — who are you going to trust?

Web Design Plan

A Simple & Effective Process

For over 11 years I have honed in my Production Process. It's simple, effective, and allows for the successful and timely launch of websites and web-based projects. You'll have project insight every step of the way.

My Process


Professional Guidance

As a web design expert, I guide you through the entire process and ensure all the small details are thought out. Your business' online presence is in good hands with me, and you'll never be left in the dark.

Curriculum Vitae

Website Components

Handcrafted and Purpose-Built

All of my work is custom, as I know your business and customer base is unique. Each design I create is clean, professional, optimized for SEO, mobile responsive, and quick to load.


Client Logos

A Proven Track Record

I've been lucky enough to work on some incredible projects for equally incredible clients. With over 11 years of experience, allow me to put my experience to work for you.

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What Makes Me Different? Quality.

A new website is great, but it's not much to get excited about without a set of rock-solid features that work together to boost your online presence.

Handmade Design

Crafted by Hand

Never using templates, I craft all designs by hand specifically for you.

Responsive Design

Mobile-Optimized Design

My designs auto-magically conform to whichever device a visitor is using.

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Search Engine Friendly

Beat the competition with enhanced SEO that puts you ahead.

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Lead Generation Tools

Collect prospective client information for robust marketing opportunities.

Property Listing


Google Analytics installation in standard on every website that I develop.

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Site Administration

Managed details, from large to small, with a feature-packed back-end control panel.

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Need eCommerce integration? With years of experience, it's one of my specialties.

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Have physical locations? Help your customers find them with custom geolocation.

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Optimized From The Start

A website without search engine optimization is like a birthday party in the woods without balloons or directional signs. Like that party, your site's going to be a bust without optimization. Lucky for you, I optimize from the get-go.

Be Found

Search Engine Optimized

Optimizing a website for search engines is no small task, but highly beneficial. Most websites are not optimized, even brand new websites from my competition often aren't optimized as described below. This gives me a tremendous leg up against the competition, and gives you a website truly ready to rock and roll.

  • Built for Search Engine Optimization

    Did you know that SEO starts at the very beginning? Websites that are fully optimized for search engines are done so at both the code and content levels, which is exactly what I'll do for you. Not only does this provide a solid foundation for your website, it sets you on the right path for the future.

  • All Content Fully Optimized for Search Engines

    All content on your website — text, images, video, links, et cetera — will be optimized for search engines. This means adding title tags to links, alt tags to images, organizing the content in a proper hierarchy, ensuring content is optimized for mobile, verifying usability and readability, and much more.

  • Inclusion of Structured Data

    Structured Data refers to specialized code that specifically and accurately informs search engines about the content on your web pages. Not only can it greatly improve search engine results, it can also help search engines present your information in new, unique, and useful ways.

  • Automatic SEO and Social Integration for New Content

    As new content is added to your website, either by you or via the MLS integration, it will be automatically optimized for both search engines and social platforms. Have you ever shared a page on Facebook or Twitter, only for it to post without an image? Never will that happen again.

  • Local and National SEO

    For Real Estate websites, there's no doubt that locally-optimized SEO is necessary. When you hire me, I'll work hard to ensure that both locally-based content is your website and that it's properly optimized for local and regional reach. But I don't stop there, I also optimize to boost your national reach.

  • Enhanced SEO Packages Available

    Search Engine Optimization is a moving target. While getting off to the right start is incredibly important, and will help to improve your Search Engine Result Page rankings, I also offer ongoing SEO services for a reasonable fee. I'd love to speak with you on a one-on-one basis to piece together a package for you.

Client Testimonials

I take great pride in my work and enjoy sharing every client testimonial that I get. Below are a selection of reviews from prior clients. For more reviews, be sure to check out my Client Testimonials page.

Education Amplify

Jeremy has a lot of spirit, enthusiasm, and zest for taking manually intensive, creative-oriented tasks. They’re committed day and night to doing whatever it takes to accomplish the goal and completing the job at hand. Jeremy has an innate ability to quickly and independently master specific skill sets, using a multitude of resources, to meet and exceed clients' desired result.

Doug Bonner, Director of Educational Partnerships

IT Services Allied Networking

When we needed a new website, Mr. Buff worked hard to understand our industry, operations, and goals. His attention to detail and passion far exceeded my expectations. Although we have little knowledge of the tech world, Mr. Buff explained everything in an easy to digest fashion. We felt completely comfortable with entrusting our online presence to him.

Todd Riel, CEO

Podiatrist Blue Ridge Foot Centers

Since working with Jeremy, most of my new patients are coming in from the website they designed. Their SEO skills have given me a step ahead of my competition. I highly recommend Jeremy for your website management!

Dr. Daniel Waldman, DPM, FACFAS

Foodservice BlueWare Foods

Jeremy has a tremendous level of expertise and ability. His passion is backed up with knowledge and enthusiasm. We greatly appreciate his assistance in designing a mobile-friendly website for our customers.

Chris Prescott, CEO

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Let's talk with no pressure. I speak to many potential clients, some who work with me and some who don't. I'd love to speak to you, whether you're ready to move forward or not.

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