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About Jeremy Buff

Digital Alchemist
Father & Husband

With over 11 years of experience, and a trail of happy clients, I am certain my services will offer a boost to your business. From web design to programming, I am well versed in real-world ROI-positive projects.


"Experience is the art of drawing without an eraser." That proverb is exactly how I live my life. I enjoy the finer things in life, but only if I procure them for myself via hard work and dedication.

Since 2007, my passion has been to design and develop digital interfaces, websites, and applications for the internet. I'm a web design aficionado, and couldn't be happier with my career. I measure my success via multiple devices, and am proud to compare myself to my competition, and likewise, my inspiration. To this day, my passion for business, understanding of small business, and yearning to learn has never burned brighter. One of the wonderful aspects of working as a web designer and developer is that I get to meet some great people. Every business needs a web presence, and that fact has allowed me to develop friendships with many of the people that originally inspired me.

Current Focus

Currently, I focus on developing fully-custom solutions. This includes building soup-to-nuts solutions; from information architecture and design, to development and user testing. My goal is to get to know my clients, understand their needs, and put my expertise to work for them. I view myself, not as a web developer, but as a craftsman honing in my skills; skills which rely on authenticity and quality above all else. I strive to add a human element to my work, accomplishing a very digital task with a unique and undeterminable quality.

Digging Deeper

I have a penchant for classic, timeless work. Some would refer to me as an old soul, but I feel that type of attitude lends itself to better overall quality. The most satisfying aspects of my job are the handcrafted aspects- the time when I get to sit down, have an old-fashioned conversation with my clients, and then begin to let my experience, knowledge, and expertise guide the way.

I aspire to be an artisan; beyond a designer and beyond a developer. I aim to master my trade from conception to completion; providing a full lineup of expert services for my clientele. I've learned it's not enough to be an idea man. My line of work requires dedication, raw passion, and a deeply seeded understanding of personal growth in order to execute grand ideas.

If you are in pursuit of betterment, have an undeniable drive for quality, and are interested in working with me, then by all means, please get in touch with me for a conversation I doubt either of us will regret. I look forward to getting to know you.

Further Information

Learn about the Web Production Process, see what I'm up to on my statusboard, or view my curriculum vitae.