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With nearly 12 years of professional web design and development experience, I have the knowledge and skills your business needs. I make things simple and work diligently with you to achieve your goals.

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Hi, I'm Jeremy
An Award-Winning Orlando Web Designer

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I’m a software architect and Orlando freelance web designer specializing in custom projects. I call myself a digital alchemist, but I also provide print and business consultation services.

It’s crucial to note that I am not the typical web designer and developer. I enjoy working on unique and interesting projects. I treat my work seriously and prefer to work with clients who are serious about results and the direction they want to take their business.

In other words, I desire a collaboration with my clients. If I am provided with the opportunity to solve your web-related problems, I will not only present solutions but insights as well.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please do continue to browse my website. If I can answer any questions, of if you’re about to bust out of your chair with anticipation, feel free to contact me.

I look forward to our collaboration,



Orlando Web Design and Marketing Services

Specialization is for insects. I, on the other hand, can almost certainly handle anything you can throw my way. Generally speaking, I enjoy engaging in the following services. Don’t see something here? Check my list of services or contact me.

Web Design

High quality, custom, and unique web design crafted by hand and never outsourced. Designed for SEO, speed, conversions, and most importantly specifically for your business.

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Web Development

Expert web and web app development utilizing modern programming standards and conventions. Written to be organized, semantic, logical, and easily expandable.

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Internet Marketing

Online marketing, advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and PPC management services. Expertly planned and executed for conversion growth.

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Online Sales

Online stores and marketplaces, fully custom or integrated into an eCommerce platform. Integration with third-party payment gateways and accounting or ERP solutions.

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Digital Strategy

Consultation and training services for small to mid-size businesses looking to digitally transform, update their business processes, secure data, or expand offerings.

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Graphic Design

Beautiful print design and production. Business cards, wedding invitations, promotional items, flyers, brochures, marketing tchotchkes, apparel, and much more.

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Client Testimonials

Relationships Built on Trust and Results

Dr. Nicci Logo

Dr. Nicci Counseling

Mental Health Counseling

"Jeremy has been very responsive with a quick turn around time. He has creative ideas and a warm personality. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him. I have enjoyed working with Jeremy in my brand and website development. He captured my personality and the message I wanted to send to my clients very well."

— Dr. Nicci Santana, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Jeremiah's Ice Logo

Jeremiah's Italian Ice

Local Florida Sweet Spot

"Jeremy delivered a scalable, robust solution to our web application needs at Jeremiah’s Ice. Jeremy has proven invaluable with his suggestions and solutions, always seeking to better our platform."

— Devin Schneider, Director of Brand Development

Barilla Logo

Barilla Pasta

Food Service Provider

"Jeremy has the utmost business acumen in web development and design. His design has simplicity, but has the sophistication to fully engage customers in products and services. He met all my needs in a timely manner and offered suggestions that I reluctantly accepted at first, but in the end paid huge dividends in fiscal benefits. I strongly recommend Jeremy as a business professional; one you can trust."

— Bryan Koster, Southeast Regional Manager

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Local Florida Sweet Spot

"Jeremy has a lot of spirit, enthusiasm, and zest for taking manually intensive, creative-oriented tasks. He's committed day and night to doing whatever it takes to accomplish his goal, and completing the job at hand. Jeremy has an innate ability to quickly and independently master specific skill sets, using a multitude of resources, to meet and exceed his clients' desired result."

— Doug Bonner, Director of Educational Partnerships

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or call me at (407) 499-0985

You need more than a website.
What you need is a web presence.

Completely custom. Entirely unique. Designed from scratch and coded by hand. That’s the type of work I am known for. I do not use templates, reuse layouts, or copy other websites. Every design decision I make is backed up by professional experience and tangible reason. My craftsmanship and attention to detail is non-negotiable.

I aim to be an invaluable asset to your business or organization. I understand websites are business solutions; tools which spread awareness, facilitate sales, and should accurately represent your business.

Let's speak. Contact me or call me at 407-499-0985.

Client Testimonials Curriculum Vitae Portfolio

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Client Logos

A Proven Track Record

From Jeremiah’s Italian Ice to Harley-Davidson, from small websites to complex customer portals, I have a list of satisfied clientele paving the road of my experience, and thus their success.

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Business Strategy

Business Strategy: Digitized

An online strategy is a must in today's world. Whether you're in need of a web presence, internet marketing, online advertising, or webapp development, I've have the experience you need.

Services Offered

Search Engine Optimization

Optimized from the Start

Success is planned at the start of every project. With a honed-in production process that optimizes for speed, SEO, and conversions, focus is geared toward the total success of every project.

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Web Design

Custom Designed. Every Time.

Design by hand is my ethos. Every design that I create is unique and custom. I never use templates, nor do I re-purpose old client work. What you get is originally and specifically designed for your business.

More About Web Design

Case Study

Jeremiah's Italian Ice

From Website to Web Presence

A Complete Redesign

From old flash site to a modern, responsive web presence that perfectly fit their fun and unique brand.

Online Ordering

For the first time, fans of Jeremiah's can now order Party Buckets and catering online.

Live Menus

Up-to-the second menus always keep customers informed on what flavors are available at their favorite location.

Results Chart
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I’m more than happy to speak to you. Whether you’re ready to get started, have a question, or are wondering if I am interested in your project, I’m just a phone call away.

Intelligent Design

Designed for
your Business

Each website, business card, or other project that I create is entirely unique. First and foremost, my designs are centered around the goals at hand. This is called purpose-driven design.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimized for
Your Content

Navigation, layout, and visual structure is dictated by the type and volume of content the project will contain. Optimizing the organization of the content, and how people find that content, is crucial for SEO and User Experience.

Mobile Friendly

Perfect for
Mobile Devices

In today’s word, mobile is no longer an option; it’s a must-have. Each website I develop is fully responsive. This means it will work on any device, anywhere, anytime. Oh, and it will look great, too.

Automated Marketing

Ready to be

A website without marketing is like a birthday party in the middle of the woods. Without ballons and directional signs, no one is going to find the party. Likewise, without marketing, no one will find your website.

Have You Been Burned
by Other Freelancers?

80% of people that contact me* have experienced major frustrations with other freelancers. The story is always similar — phone calls sent to voicemail, emails ignored, projects abandoned. Well, the buck stops here. Ongoing communication is crucial to a successful project. So much so that it’s enshrined in the contract we’ll sign together.

Let’s speak. Contact me or call me at 407-499-0985.

*This is no exaggeration. 8 out of 10 people that contact me really have been burned by other freelancers.

Answered Phone Calls

The days of your freelancer ignoring phone calls are over.

Prompt Email Replies

Regular email communication helps to ensure all is well.

Effective Time Management

Wasting time is a plague. Luckily, I’m acclimated and inoculated.

Sensible Billing

My billing protocol is simple, easy, and fair to both parties.

11+ Years Experience

Intelligence guided by experience. I’ve seen a lot, and learned a lot.

Handcrafted Workmanship

Not only are my designs entirely handcrafted, so is my code.

Ready to Heal that Burn?

or call me at (407) 499-0985

My Portfolio

A sampling of my professional work. For a list of my experience, skills, education, accomplishments, and certifications please refer to my Curriculum Vitae. Alternatively, feel free to call me at 407-499-0985 to discuss my capabilities. Logos, images, and branding may be copyright to their respective owners.


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Just Launched

Jeremiah's Italian Ice

I am proud to announce the launch of the redesigned website for Jeremiah's Italian Ice! Jeremiah's was a fantastic client to work with, and I am incredibly proud of the website we collaboratively brought to life. I encourage you to check out the details regarding this project then head over to the website and find your nearest location!

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