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2019 Social Media Guide

ISSUE Nº 6 The 2019 Guide to Social Media — A Checklist

When it comes to social media, writing content on behalf of your brand is much more challenging than managing your own accounts. As a business or organization, you must properly plan your social media strategyin order to successfully represent your brand online.

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Orlando Business Card Design

ISSUE Nº 5 Business Card Design: Pearl Paper and Soft Colors Unite

Today I am proud to highlight a beautiful and unique business card design that Dr. Nicci Santana hired me to create and produce. This article will provide some insight into my thought process when designing a business card for a mental health counselor.

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Freelancer Headache

ISSUE Nº 4 10 Tips to Avoid Bad Freelancers

You may not be able to avoid all bad situations with freelance web designers, developers, or writers, but these tips will help guide you in ensuring that you make an educated decision. Follow these ten tips, then check out some expectations I've laid out at the end of this article.

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Automated Marketing

ISSUE Nº 3 Marketing Automation: An Informative Overview

Marketing automation allows you to pay individual attention to your audience on a large scale. An effective marketing automation campaign is not just the scheduling and sending of emails or automatic social media posts. It's far more than that, and far more useful to both you and your target market.

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Orlando Web Design Award

ISSUE Nº 2 Best Orlando Web Designer Award

I am trilled to announce that Expertise.com has selected me as a top web designer in the Orlando, Florida area for a second year in a row. For the list, they start with evaluating 70 local web designers and firms. They then narrow that down to a list of around 50 curated picks. From that curated list they select 23 of the best based on their criteria. I am thankful to Wade Leuders, General Manager at Expertise.com, Forrest Kolb, Director of Community, and Morgan Dowling, Community Manager.

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Website Planning

ISSUE Nº 1 Websites vs Web Presences

Everyone knows what a website is. But what is a web presence? Succinctly, a web presence is a website plus. Plus what? Great question. Plus is... well, more! A lot more. You see, a website without a web presence is like a birthday party without directional signs or balloons on the mailbox. A web presence is engaging marketing th

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