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Looking for affordable Orlando Real Estate Web Design? As the son of a Realtor, I have what my competition may view as an unfair advantage — let's just call it a competitive edge. I offer three engagement models to build your online presence.

Option #1 Custom-Built Website

A custom-built, beautiful website for Realtors looking to dominate their local market.

  • One-Time Fee — Payment Plan Available
  • Handcrafted, Custom Design and Development
  • In-Person Discovery Meeting
  • Full Content Management System
  • Compliant IDX Integration
  • Bug and Error Fix Guarantee

Starting at $1,500 Select Package

Option #2 Managed Web Presence

A "plus" package with additional ongoing support and compliance updates.

  • One-Time Fee + $100/mo — No Monthly Contract
  • Everything in the Custom-Built Website option, plus:
  • Website Software Updates and Fast Support
  • Updates due to MLS Requirements
  • Ongoing Support with Fast Response Times
  • Lead Generation Management Tools

Starting at $2,500 + $100/mo Select Package

Option #3Promoted Web Presence

A comprehensive package with ongoing support and execution of a marketing plan.

  • One-Time Fee + $300/mo — No Monthly Contract
  • Everything in the Managed Web Presence option, plus:
  • Strategic Planning of Marketing
  • Advertisement Placement Plan
  • Social Media Posting Plan
  • Monthly Marketing Review

Starting at $5,000 + $300/mo Select Package

Stand Out with These Features:

A new website is great, but it's not much to get excited about without an equally great list of features.

Responsive Design

Mobile-Optimized Design

Provide visitors the best possible user experience while they're on the go.

Multiple Listing Service Logo

Local MLS Integration

Surface listings and relevant property data with direct MLS integration.

SEO Icon

Optimized for SEO

Beat the competition with enhanced SEO that puts you ahead.

SEO Icon

Lead Generation Tools

Collect prospective client information for robust marketing opportunities.

Property Listing

Stunning Listings

Beautiful galleries, organized listing details, maps, printable, and more.

Search Icon

Robust Searching

Allow visitors to find exactly what they're looking for with enhanced search and filtering.

Home Cateogory Icon

Customized Categories

Group listings in any way you wish — by neighborhoods, dwelling type, location, et cetera.

Geolocation Icon


Allow visitors to easily search listings near where they are, or want to be.

Let's Talk Benefits:

I set myself apart as an Orlando web designer by providing stand-out web, design, and marketing services to my clients. Real Estate websites are a specialty of mine. Below I list out what you can expect from working with me. With a long list of satisfied clients, I'm sure you'll be confident in your decision to work with me.

Be Professional

Custom-Built Real Estate Websites

When you choose to work with me, I build you a custom website as a strong base for your web presence. Every Realtor is different, so I get to know you and the type of clientele you're after. Then, I work hard to hand-design a beautiful, yet effective, website for you.

Designed For You

I'll create a design specifically for you. That means I won't use a template or give you a cookie-cutter design. I'll create a unique design for you that fits you.

MLS Integration

Your website will be dialed into your local MLS, bolstering your relevant content. With automatic updates, local market content will always be fresh.


Mobile-friendly websites are a must these days. The website I'll create for you will look sharp on mobile devices, from phones to tablets and beyond.

A Fined-Tuned User Experience

Present a compelling reason for buyers and sellers to stay on your website with a fine-tuned experience and locally-relevant content.

Easily Editable

When you hire me to create or redesign your Realtor website, I won't leave you high and dry. Your site will come complete with a CMS for easy editing.

Effective Real Estate Website
Custom Real Estate Website

Real Estate Websites that I Design are Better

Here's why.

Beautiful Galleries

The bane of most Real Estate agent websites is their galleries. When you hire me to custom design your website, I make images a focus. Aside from being important to buyers and sellers, eye-catching galleries boost conversions and make your website look far more professional.

Robust Listing Details

Instead of throwing together an ugly table of data, I work closely with you to determine the best data to include based upon your target market. Data should be presented with icons and clean segmentation so that visitors can quickly glean property details in an easily digestible way.

Social Media Integration

It's no great secret that social media is an important aspect of marketing. Clients are increasingly turning to friends and family for recommendations, perhaps more so among home buyers and sellers. Effective social media integration provides you with a big boost and increased conversions.

A Beneficial User Experience

When you get down to it, your website is a sales tool and a service that you provide. It needs to be beneficial to visitors and yourself. If it is, you'll have a higher chance at getting business. I work closely with you to develop both a design and content that will benefit all involved.

Data Capture & Visitor Retention

It's great to attract an increased number of visitors to your website, but what's the purpose if those visitors aren't converted into leads? Websites that I design include tools to capture prospective client information and roll that data into marketing efforts.

Full-Spectrum Marketing

The fact of the matter is that your website is just one piece of your overall web presence. Integration with your social media profiles, marketing email lists, lead capture tools, and local MLS are all important tools that are baked into all websites that I design.

Backed by Experience

With over 11 years of experience, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in effective web design and development. When you hire me, you can be confident that you'll be on the receiving end of that experience. I know what makes a web presence effect, and what doesn't.

Bug Fixes and Support

For each any every project, small to large, I have always supported my clients when bugs are discovered. I stand behind my work and ensure that any mistakes are corrected. Not only that, but I make myself available to answer your questions and provide tips on best practices.

Let's Have a Chat

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Be Relevant

Full MLS IDX Integration


In addition to your listings, integration with your local MLS provides access to a wealth of information directly integrated into your website.

User-Friendly Property Search

When visitors arrive on your website, keep them around with a fantastic and useful property search that both buyers and sellers love.

Collect Lead Information

Capture contact information from new leads with prominent registration prompts which convey your status as a thought leader they'll want to follow.

Position Yourself as the Local Expert

Direct MLS integration into your real estate website allows for the use and presentation of beneficial information to your visitors.

Feel Confident with Accurate Data

With direct MLS integration, the data on your website will always be up to date. You'll never have to worry about updating MLS listings manually.

So You Want to be the Local Real Estate Expert?

Here's How I'll Help You Do That

More Than a Website

Everyone has a website. Great, but how many people, or businesses, do you know that have a true web presence? The answer is probably not many. I build more than just a website — I build web presences which boost your career in real, tangible ways by using a multi-channel engagement model.

Accurate, Local, and Trusted

The information you put out — from your website to Facebook and beyond — defines you. In order to become trusted, you need to be accurate and timely. Direct MLS integration in combination with a strategy to appeal to local buyers and sellers will put you two steps ahead.

A Useful Blog

One of the most important things that you can do is regularly publish articles in a blog. This will dramatically increase your chances of showing up in search engine results while serving two additional purposes: establishing you as a thought leader and providing useful information; something search engines love.

A Reflection of You

Reaching buyers and sellers online is inherently less personal, but with the use of multimedia, photos, and fantastic content, your website will reflect your expertise. We'll work together to accurately represent who you are and what sets you apart. Your website will become an extension of you.

A Real Engagement Model

Collecting information about your visitors is imperative in continuing the conversation. Every Real Estate website that I design includes baked-in features which focus on encoring visitors to provide their contact information. Through useful content and a sleek design, we'll build trust in the eyes of visitors.

Guidance Along the Way

I'll coach you on using your website effectively, from providing tips for keeping your blog updated to measuring user engagement. As the web expert, I'll help you become the Real Estate expert with guidance and support. When you choose to work with me, you gain a partner in your success.

Let's Get Rollin'

or call me at (407) 499-0985

Be Found

Search Engine Optimized

Mobile devices are foundational parts of modern life. Over 50% of smartphone users grab their phone immediately after waking up in the morning. Every website that I build is approached from a mobile-first perspective. That means all functionality first starts with it's mobile incarnation, then is expanded to include desktop-class interaction techniques.

  • Built for Search Engine Optimization

    Did you know that SEO starts at the very beginning? Websites that are fully optimized for search engines are done so at both the code and content levels, which is exactly what I'll do for you. Not only does this provide a solid foundation for your website, it sets you on the right path for the future.

  • All Content Fully Optimized for Search Engines

    All content on your website — text, images, video, links, et cetera — will be optimized for search engines. This means adding title tags to links, alt tags to images, organizing the content in a proper hierarchy, ensuring content is optimized for mobile, verifying usability and readability, and much more.

  • Inclusion of Structured Data

    Structured Data refers to specialized code that specifically and accurately informs search engines about the content on your web pages. Not only can it greatly improve search engine results, it can also help search engines present your information in new, unique, and useful ways.

  • Automatic SEO and Social Integration for New Content

    As new content is added to your website, either by you or via the MLS integration, it will be automatically optimized for both search engines and social platforms. Have you ever shared a page on Facebook or Twitter, only for it to post without an image? Never will that happen again.

  • Local and National SEO

    For Real Estate websites, there's no doubt that locally-optimized SEO is necessary. When you hire me, I'll work hard to ensure that both locally-based content is your website and that it's properly optimized for local and regional reach. But I don't stop there, I also optimize to boost your national reach.

  • Enhanced SEO Packages Available

    Search Engine Optimization is a moving target. While getting off to the right start is incredibly important, and will help to improve your Search Engine Result Page rankings, I also offer ongoing SEO services for a reasonable fee. I'd love to speak with you on a one-on-one basis to piece together a package for you.

Client Testimonials:

I take great pride in my work and enjoy sharing every client testimonial that I get. Below are a selection of reviews from prior clients. For more reviews, be sure to check out my Client Testimonials page.

Realtor John Schuff

As a Real Estate agent, it's important that I set myself apart. With Jeremy's help, my website is a positive lead generation tool, a resource for my clients, and an outlet to share my knowledge. I would recommend hiring Jeremy to any other Realtor.

John Schuff, Realtor

Realtor Melissa Shoebach

Jeremy's work ethic is impressive. As an outgoing Realtor, I appreciate his attitude and the love he has for his work. He worked hard on my website and set me up with a web presence to be proud of. I am noticing a measurable increase in leads, and I have him to thank for that.

Melissa Shoebach, Realtor

Realtor Michael Rivera

With Jeremy's help, my website is killer! I am beyond happy with how it looks and works on mobile, and have noticed a significant up-tick in leads as well as Facebook likes and page views. Very happy! Hire Jeremy today!

Michael Rivera, Realtor

Realtor Jeff Gold

Jeremy designed our team's website and we could not be more thrilled. From the MLS integration to featured listings, area information, and lead generation tools, we now have a website worthy of our team.

Jeff Gold, Realtor

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